3 Cubicle Shelves To Organize Your Workspace

If your workspace is made up of office cubicles, you are sure to benefit from the versatility of cubicle shelves. Apart from the fact that these items are visually appealing, they are also functional when it comes to keeping those small office equipment and supplies off your desk. When you work in a small office, it is easy to have that little space completely overcome with clutter, which if properly organized, will leave you with enough space for important items.

Working in a cubicle means that space is limited and as such, you will find these shelves to come in handy when it comes to keeping your space properly organized, with all items easily reachable. There are various types of cubicle shelves and listed below are a few of them.

Hanging Cubicle Shelves

hanging cubicle shelves

Hanging Cubicle Shelf image from FBO.gov

These shelves make good addition to any cubicle. All you need to do is search and view various styles and designs of the hanging shelves. It is the perfect solution to having those clutters off your desk so that you can place more important items on the desk, including framed pictures of your loved ones. Remember not to overload the shelves as they are built to hold about 5 lbs of office items.

Corner Cubicle Shelves

corner cubicle shelf

Another type of cubicle shelf that is designed to maximize the use of the corners in your cubicle. You can keep books, folders and other important office supplies in this corner shelf. While you are able to use the corner space that could have been wasted, you are also able to gain more space on your desk.

Desk Cubicle Shelves

desk cubicle shelf

The desk cubicle shelves are great assets when it comes to keeping items well-organized in your office. It allows you to store basic office supplies, books and other items both on top of the shelf and beneath it. When you think of another way of maximizing space in your small office, the desk shelves will do the magic for you.

You don’t have to work in a large office or cubicle before you can have the type of space you desire. With these specially designed cubicle shelves, you will be able to effectively turn your square-foot cubicle into a highly productive space without clutters.

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